One of the project’s key objectives, following the guidelines provided by the European Commission under the 5th Framework Programme, is “to establish mechanisms for the ongoing diffusion of the project’s main activities and findings in the wider community”. In this connection, although the composition of the PRINWASS research team is mainly academic, most of our dissemination activities (e.g. workshops, conferences, etc.) include representatives of relevant sectors such as business, government, practitioners, NGOs, labour unions, and community organizations. They are invited not only as spectators but rather are given a central role in providing feed back and constructive criticism to our work as academics through the presentation of papers and other materials and their active participation in these meetings.

Also, we are committed to contribute to the training of young students as part of the research process, and all our activities include the participation of young trainees who are in different stages of their graduate studies. They are also given the opportunity to present the results of their own work at our workshops and conferences.


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