The Case Studies

Draft reports of our case studies are available by request. We welcome feedback and suggestions. If you are interested in any of these reports, please ask the project coordination for an electronic copy (please, provide your name, full contact details, institutional attachment, and a brief comment to indicate the reason why you are interested in receiving the reports).

The case studies have been selected to provide a range of inter-comparative examples. We describe briefly here the main characteristics of the countries selected for the study, especially in terms of their experience with private sector involvement in WSS. Our main target will be large cities, but we also pay attention to the national contexts given that policy and regulatory frameworks are established at the national level and economic and financial constraints are also determined largely by policies and processes located at the national scale. The particular cities to be included will be decided during the First Phase of the project, although in some countries we have already identified the key urban cases to be explored.

1. Argentina

6. Greece

2. Bolivia

7. Kenya

3. Brazil

8. Mexico

4. England and Wales

9. Tanzania

5. Finland


(The studies are presented individually for ease of reading on screen, but they are also available on a single page which may be more suitable for printing.)

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